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INTRO + Setting Up Personal Facebook Page


Setting Up Your Facebook Business Page

Setting up Your Facebook “Business” Page

This FB page is where you’ll be advertising

1. Log into Facebook (from a desktop or laptop computer)

2. Click “create a page” in the upper right banner

3. Click “Page”

4. Select “Business or Brand” – Click “Get Started”

5.  Enter “page name” aka The Robyn Linn

6. Select Category aka “Public Figure” or “Entrepreneur”

7. Click “Continue”

8. Follow along in video to enter in details… aka, changing /url and adding website.

9. Create an account or LOGIN to to add profile image and cover photo —Go to:

10. Update as we go!


Setting Up Your YouTube Channel

Guided tutorial to create your YouTube channel…


Creating a YouTube Channel requires you to have a Google Account. Part 1 we’ll be creating your YouTube Channel by setting up a Google Account -or- logging in

Let’s Begin—

Before creating a YouTube Channel, you must have a Google account. Once you create a Google account, you’ll have access to creating a YouTube Channel.

  • If you have a GMAIL email address, you have a Google account!
  • If you forget your GMAIL email address or password and cannot restore it, create a new one now.

To see if you have a Google account… 

If you DO have a Google account… 

If you do NOT have a Google account…

Be sure to use your name (first/middle -or- first/last name). You’re building a relationship and credibility with your audience, so using your real name is key.


Now we’re going to login to your YouTube Channel using the Google Account credentials you’ve just created, or with the account you’ve already had access to, or- you’ll login to the YouTube channel you’ve been using.

If you are creating a new channel use YOUR NAME.

  • First: Be sure to…
    • Use a computer or laptop and have access to the Internet.
    • Open the Web Browser: Google Chrome
    • Sign-in to your Google Account —
    • If you already have access to a Google Account, you will select the account you’ll be building your YouTube Channel from… Remember to use the account name that is “your” name. If you don’t have a Google Account with your name go back to the previous video segment to create a new Google Account with your name.
  • Then: Go to (opening a new window or tab with Google Chrome Web Browser). Enter your password and click NEXT…
  • If wanting to EDIT or change the name of your channel page, you must change your name in your Google Account.

STEP 2 b

Brand Your YouTube Channel

Guided walk-through of branding your YouTube channel using a helpful template that will save you hours. End-result is attracting more quality leads who will click your link below your videos for increased lead generation and better results. 

 Your Steps:

    • Get your high resolution photos ready (accessible from your laptop/computer).
    • Open up Google Chrome Web Browser on your laptop or computer. Do NOT use a tablet or phone to do this.
    • Have a solid WiFi or Internet connection.
    • Login to your YouTube Channel by going to

    • Review the image found in the section below for proper pixel dimensions. 
  • Create/Login to your CANVA account now. Go to:
    • Channel Art Custom Dimensions: 2560 x 1440 px (Complete Size)

  • Type in Canva in the upper right corner “custom dimensions” 2560 x 1440 px. 
  • Right or Double Click on the image below (the one in grey that says Text And Logo Safe Area) and “SAVE AS” onto your computer.. Download this image, then upload it into Canva for your “supportive” safe zone. YouTube Channel Art is tricky and on a mobile only shows a specific area, so you need to follow these instructions so it looks just right!

    Now click UPLOAD (found in left side of page of Canva) and upload my image (the one you just saved) into CANVA.
  • Now you can add and upload your photos, or use Canva’s if you don’t have any. Select the photos you like and begin adjusting the color or lighting options if you feel it is needed.
  • Move the images or photos in the right place overlaying in the area that covers the “Text and logo safe area.” Then .. Once you have everything to your liking..
  • Delete the “channel art template” in the background (the one I made here) once ready, and then you can save YOUR image in in PNG format. Go to the DOWNLOAD area in the upper right of Canva to save the final version to your computer. Save it as “YTChannelArt.png”
  • Go back to YouTube or your Google Account and upload the final Channel Art image! 


How To Download Our YouTube Videos

PLEASE READ: If this download converting “link” doesn’t work, you’ll need to do a Google search typing in the keywords “YouTube free Download” to find another tool.

This site currently works fast and is free: DOWNLOAD YOUTUBE VIDEOS

When you go to that link (above) you will click MP4 for video… 

Meet me in the next video to UPLOAD the video you just downloaded into your YouTube Channel!

CLICK mp4 for video!


How To Upload Videos to YouTube

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