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If you’re already a member on our team, follow these instructions to get access to Mike’s FULL Crypto Pre-sell Strategy Class.

EMAIL OUR TEAM the following

If you’re already a member on our team, you get access to the Full Crypto Presale Strategy course at no extra cost. 

To qualify, you must meet one or more of the following criteria: 

1. You’ve purchased levels 1, 2, 3 using the ETH smart contract; or

2. You were an Ambassador Program (PS) student, or 

3. You are actively paying $97/mo subscription at Profit Platform, making you a preferred member. 

If you meet one or more of those criteria, please email support@predictable-system.com 

Our team may need to verify you are a team member if they have not worked with you often in the past.  

Once you email and request access to the full class, and you are a verified team member, our support staff will forward you a special link granting you free access. 

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