Discover New Defi Project Launched On Binance Smart Chain With Up To 83% Annual Staking Rewards!

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Here's How To Get Started Step-By-Step...

Important Steps to Follow!

If you have never used BNB before in Metamask…

You’ll need to Add Binance Smart Chain To Metamask (Click Custom RPC)
Open “Metamask” open from extension in Chrome
Go to Settings
Click Network

NAME: (Binance Smart Chain Network)
Click SAVE

When you have that network selected at the top of the Metamask Window…it will appear like you lost your ETH, but when you switch back to Ethereum Main Net, it shows back up.

Add a new Account to use exclusively on the BSC Network and to store your BNB and other BSC based Tokens in. Then transfer BNB into this new wallet address.

(Note: Be sure to switch to the right network before sending ANY coin or Token from this point forward.)

Summary of Directions:

If you have BNB, but not PEAK…do this first:
a) Go to Pancake Swap <— Click Here
b) Add PEAK as an asset to your wallet: 0x630d98424eFe0Ea27fB1b3Ab7741907DFFEaAd78
c) Convert BNB to PEAK

Once you have PEAK:
1) Click on the Button above “Click Here to Get Started Staking PEAK”
2) Click on BSC on the top right
3) Connect your BNB/PEAK Wallet
4) Click Stake PEAK
5) Enter your Stake Amount (or click Max)
6) Set number of days
7) Click Stake
8) Bookmark the page to return regularl

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