I Have Metamask But Don't Have BNB Nor Peak Token In My Metamask Wallet

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Setting Up Metamask “Binance Smart Chain Network”

Do This if you have never used BNB before in Metamask

You’ll need to Add Binance Smart Chain To Metamask (Click Custom RPC)
Open “Metamask” open from extension in Chrome
Go to Settings
Click Network

NAME: (BNB Smart Chain Network)
RPC URL: https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/
BLOCK EXPLORER URL: https://bscscan.com
Click SAVE

You’ll select “BNB Smart Chain Network” from the top of your Metamask extension out of “Ethereum Mainnet” and it will appear like you lost your ETH, but when you switch back to Ethereum Main Net, it shows back up. You may need to refresh your browser again between switching back/forth from networks.

You’ll want to add a “new Account” that you’ll use within the BNB Smart Chain Network on Metamask to store your BNB and other BSC based Tokens in. This way, you’ll transfer BNB into this new wallet address with ease.

(Note: Be sure to switch to the right network before sending ANY coin or Token from this point forward.)

Go To A Crypto Exchange To Get BNB

Helpful Text Instructions

Get BNB On An Exchange (If You Don’t Already Have It)

You’ll need to get BNB coin from one of the supported exchanges. (Binance.com/Binance.us/Crypto.com)

Some of you using a VPN or outside of the U.S. may use Binance.com successfully to purchase BNB. If you’re using Binance.com you will skip directly to Step 3.

Those of you inside the U.S. or using Binance.us or using any other “wallet” like crypto.com where you’ll be sending your BNB out of, you’ll want to pay close attention to the next steps, where we’ll setup a Binance Smart Bridge Wallet to transfer your BNB into Metamask.

NOTE: If you’re NOT using Binance.us but using another crypto wallet exchange other than Binance.com please these next steps that follow…

If You’re Sending BNB From Binance.US or Crypto.com – Follow These Next Steps!

If you have BNB in Binance.us or Crypto.com, (or any other exchange OTHER THAN Binance.com) here’s what you’ll need to do…

You must add the Binance Chain Wallet Extension on Chrome before you can “send” your BNB out of that exchange. (We know!)

Go here:

If that link above doesn’t work, go to Google Chrome Web Store and type in “Binance Chain Wallet”

Add Binance Chain Wallet onto your extension in Chrome. Click the “puzzle” in white to be sure you PIN it to the top of your browser.

Launch Binance Chain Wallet
Click “I do not own a wallet”
Setup password/Seed phrase.. 

Click RECEIVE BNB from Binance.us 

IMPORTANT… We want the Binance Chain Network (withdraw BNB)
– NOT Binance Smart Chain Network

In your Binance Chain Wallet (extension) Copy your crypto address.. 

Then go to Binance.us or Crypto.com or whatever exchange you’ve got your BNB in.. and click “wallet” then WITHDRAW .. then select BNB

Then PASTE your address in the area where it shows “Select Withdrawal Network: BEP2

Be sure you’re pasting your crypto address into the BEP2 area. Select the amount you wish to send, then SUBMIT!

(Continue to Step 2-C)

Convert BNB into Binance’s Chain Network Wallet (that we just setup in Step 2-B)

Once BNB hits Binance Chain Network Wallet… 

We’re going to convert BNB coin to Smart Chain Coin


Send BNB from Binance Chain Network Wallet into Metamask

Click Metamask smart chain wallet.. 

Using your Chrome or Browser Extension…

Send from Chain Wallet INTO the Metamask Smart Chain Wallet (BNB)

(Move to Step 4 if you’re NOT using Binance.COM)

Send BNB from Binance.COM

If You ARE Using Binance.com
either with a VPN or outside of the U.S, Send Your BNB From Your Exchange into Your Metamask Wallet (using the Binance Smart Network we created in Step 1)

You’ll click “withdraw” in your Binance.com account and then “send” to your Binance Smart Chain Network into Metamask! (Don’t forget to click on the right network to get your crypto wallet address.)

Exchange BNB for Peak Using Pancake Swap!

Now that you have BNB…

Add PEAK as an asset to your Metamask wallet

Under ASSETS add Custom Token.. Then paste this code under “Token Contract Address” 

And type PEAK under “Token Symbol”


Go to Pancake Swap. https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap

Be sure your Metamask wallet is selected under the CORRECT account. Then, you’ll “connect your Metamask Wallet to Pancake Swap from the Binance Smart Chain Network (where your BNB is located)

In Pancake Swap, you need to ADD the Peak token as well.. 

Add PEAK to the TOKENS in Pancake Swap

Convert BNB to PEAK which will be held in your Metamask Wallet (under the Binance Smart Chain Network)

Now, your Metamask wallet should have Peak!

Go To Your Referrer’s Affiliate Link

Once you have PEAK token… 

Click on the Button Below “Click Here to Get Started Staking PEAK”

Go to the affiliate link you received from your enroller (for PeakDeFi) and stake your Peak. (NOTE: Please take a screenshot of the page showing the URL, making sure the referrer’s wallet address is in there, showing the amount you are intending to stake.) Save that screenshot. Very important. 

Now move into final Step 6!!

Final Step!

Let’s Stake Peak!

Once you’ve clicked on your enrollers affilate link for PeakDeFi… Click on BSC on the top right

Connect your Metamask Wallet

Click Stake PEAK

Enter your Stake Amount (or click Max)

Set number of days

Click Stake

Locate your affiliate referral link!

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