I've Got BNB In Metamask But NOT Peak Token

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Go To Pancake Swap!

After You’ve Got Peak Token In Metamask, Click Here to Stake Peak!

Helpful Text Instructions

Exchange BNB for Peak Using Pancake Swap!

Now that you have BNB…

Add PEAK as an asset to your Metamask wallet

Under ASSETS add Custom Token.. Then paste this code under “Token Contract Address” 

And type PEAK under “Token Symbol”


Go to Pancake Swap. https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap

Be sure your Metamask wallet is selected under the CORRECT account. Then, you’ll “connect your Metamask Wallet to Pancake Swap from the Binance Smart Chain Network (where your BNB is located)

In Pancake Swap, you need to ADD the Peak token as well.. 

Add PEAK to the TOKENS in Pancake Swap

Convert BNB to PEAK which will be held in your Metamask Wallet (under the Binance Smart Chain Network)

Now, your Metamask wallet should have Peak!

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