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Watch Us Enter a 100x Crypto Project As it Launches On PancakeSwap!

And More Highlights from Tribe100x "Insider" Session

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If You Miss a Presale, Here's How to Know When to Buy-In After a PancakeSwap Launch

(Using Tech Analysis with EverRise as Example)

Then... MiniDoge Hit PancakeSwap While We Were LIVE In Our Session!

Technical Show & Tell...

• We show you how to claim your tokens on Dxsale for those who participated in the pre-sale for MiniDoge... and when to RIPFT (to sell enough tokens to Recoup Investment, Profit, and leave in Free Tokens to sell as it keeps going up.

How to Know Where to Set Slippage to Ensure You're Recouping Investment, Profiting, and Leaving in Free Tokens...

The question was addressed...

• "How do I know where/when to sell... and, how to factor in the slippage to ensure I'm going to RIPFT?" (RIPFT stands for recoup investment, profit, and leave in free tokens.)

Note the price bounce at the 16:33 mark (in this video)

• We discuss how this is very similar to the price action with EverRise Token when it first hit PancakeSwap (which also had immediate monster gains).

Listen below...

MiniDoge Started Making Some Bigger Moves During the Session in First Minutes it Hit PancakeSwap

(Very Educational Discussion)

We discuss..

• The MiniDoge price movement and a good time to enter if you missed the presale

• How to identify a 100x (plus) and get in before new tokens launch on PancakeSwap by following our Tribe 100x 'insider category.' We discuss this LIVE on the call and consider traits that will allow us know which projects are likely to 100x in the presale phase (or that hit PancakeSwap) based on traits similar to MiniDoge and EverRise

We identify repeating patterns to help us know when to invest additional BNB into a presale (or just after it hitting PancakeSwap) to see life-changing gains fast

Listen below...

**MiniDoge did indeed see the price action we were looking for, and we have since created a clearly defined new set of criteria that both EverRise and MiniDoge had in common... so we know when to ape into another project in presale that has similar characteristics. Video link coming soon to outline this clearly.

Your Greatest Indication That The Crypto Project In Presale (or just Hit PancakeSwap) Will Do a 20x to 100x

Cesar Shares Where He Came In On MiniDoge After It Launched On PancakeSwap...

*In the video above, Cesar (a Technical Analyst) showed a good time to come into a project, based on what the price is doing and the charts... after a project is on PancakeSwap. HERE he shows where he got in on MiniDoge during our Live session because he had missed the Presale.

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