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Launch Into Sovereignty with DeFi


With so many opportunities in crypto it seems impossible to keep up. You need a system. Third Rocket empowers you to generate crypto so you can take immediate advantage of emerging DeFi opportunities. We don’t recommend investments. We hand you the keys to a system for sovereignty. 🚀🚀🚀







Crypto Income

We use an Ethereum smart contract to pay 100% instant commissions in ETH or BNB. This is sent instantly to your private secure wallet. We supply the product resell rights, marketing funnel, system, and support so you’re never alone generating your online sales.

Passive Crypto

While we never recommend investment opportunities, because that’s between you and your financial advisor, we provide step-by-step simple tutorials and offer a community available for LIVE Q & A’s to navigate you through the DeFi galaxy with ease.


We show you what we’re doing beyond crypto’s orbit to diversify our portfolios. Some of these programs compensate via marketing and referrals, and are NOT investment-based. If we share an opportunity with an investment component, consult your financial advisor before participating.


In the world of opportunity, it can be challenging to separate “hype” from the real deal. Use Third Rocket as your go-to resource to find the gems and bypass the bullsh*t.


We reward our Soverienauts in ETH or BNB for referring others to our life-changing crypto and marketing education products. You get to leverage our system and ‘know-how’ to automate much of the onboarding. Click below to learn more.



Bonus Intro to Attraction Marketing
0.05 ETH
  • This is what it is..


Bonus Networking as a Lifestyle
0.15 ETH
  • This is what it is..


Bonus YouTube & Facebook Engagement
0.35 ETH
  • This is what it is..


Bonus Building an Audience Organically
0.75 ETH
  • This is what it is..


Bonus Leveraging Systems
1.55 ETH
  • This is what it is..


Bonus Automating Onboarding
3.15 ETH
  • This is what it is..

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With any of the products you purchase above, you have the right to earn referral commissions paid paid directly to your crypto wallet. By participating in the business opportunity, you can earn referral commissions paid in BNB and ETH. In addition, you’ll automatically have the resell rights to sell these products. Activate your smart contract by purchasing the products above, where you’ll be immediately given access to earning referral commissions. We look forward to onboarding you and welcoming you to the team!

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Most frequently questions and answers

Yes! We want you to experience the product and know how to market it.

This is not your typical affiliate program. Third Rocket doesn’t process your commissions. We are hosting your personalized version of the Third Rocket system on a Smart Contract platform using Ethereum. When you refer someone who purchases Third Rocket, the customer’s payment goes directly into your ETH Wallet. This allows YOU to instantly receive 100% of the commissions.

You get access to a cost-effective platform and marketing starter-training teaching you how to market like a Pro. And it’s not taught as theory. You learn while doing the very things that create results now. You’ll be able to take what you learn here about lead generation and strategies for generating cashflow, and apply it to anything else you want to market in the future.

When you purchase Third Rocket you receive our marketing training to drive traffic to your system, and to promote anything else you want to, as well. And, you learn how pro marketers are able to accurately predict cashflow and scale up without guessing a move. You’ll learn how you can follow the same process to take control of your cashflow situation even if you’re brand new to marketing.

No, you do not need to advertise to succeed with Third Rocket. You could choose to follow our free social media marketing strategies, entirely. We use both and teach both. But you can focus on just one or the other to generate traffic as a successful marketer. Third Rocket is designed for those who need to launch on a shoestring budget. 

Third Rocket provides you the advantage of having your own automated marketing training platform to be able to receive 100% commissions paid instantly and directly to you. It is important we design every element of the system to support your success. This includes protection against refunds.


If Third Rocket offered refunds, it would mean you lose money when someone buys and then refunds. If we allowed refunds, it would attract a larger percentage of participants who don’t take personal responsibility for their success. It would attract those who are more likely, on average, to fail in business, and that’s simply not our target market and (in our professional opinion) shouldn’t be yours!


To see a comprehensive review of everything you get access to when you purchase Third Rocket, including a DEMO, watch the video at the top of this page.

No. Absolutely not. It’s against the law to make such a promise, and for good reason. You can’t merely sign up into a program, do nothing, and expect the cash to roll in. You have a role in your success. Your role is marketing. We show you our favorite marketing methods and take you click-by-click to set it up. We give you a number of options, along with the copy and images we use to duplicate our process. So you’re getting everything you need to learn how to market like a Pro— gaining access to a system and product that are handed to you, and that pays you 100% commissions. And you don’t have to create the product or build the marketing system yourself. In other words, it doesn’t get any easier than this. So no. There is no guarantee of results, because that depends entirely upon your efforts.

Third Rocket is a product. It teaches you how to become an effective marketer. We cannot and do not guarantee anyone will make money. It is neither legal nor ethical to guarantee results in business. Third Rocket does provide a complete done-for-you marketing system, including the right to sell the Predictable Cashflow Starter System product with 100% commissions going into your own payment gateway, directly and instantly paid to you from the customer who purchases it from you. We also teach you how to set up and employ the same marketing strategies we use successfully. But the main aim of Third Rocket is to teach you marketing skills, which goes beyond just driving traffic and building a leads list. If you join Third Rocket you agree you are doing so as a customer ready to learn and develop the skills of a successful marketer. You can use the system to generate cashflow as an affiliate, but that is not the only method we are teaching for generating cashflow. You can monetize your list and what you learn with us in many ways, beyond Third Rocket.  


To see a comprehensive review of everything you get access to when you purchase Third Rocket, including a DEMO, watch the video at the top of this page.

If you’ve read this entire Web page and watched the video, you probably aren’t asking this question. We recommend you do that first. If you’re still wondering what makes this so different, email the person who referred you here and ask them. There’s never been anything like Third Rocket.

The short answer is that Third Rocket is a results-focused marketing training system that teaches best practices and not just short-term strategies. It’s not just a money game. It empowers you with 100% commissions to give you a major cashflow advantage, but the focus is on what you learn. And, what you learn here can be applied successfully to promote anything.

To see a comprehensive review of everything you get access to when you purchase Third Rocket including a DEMO, watch the video at the top of this page.

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