Let's Take Tiki Token to 100x


1. Join the “Shill-Power” Telegram group “Tiki Tribe 100x” at the button below!

2. We’ll post a link to the videos with key words and example text to use when posting that link on social media.

3. Posting in 1-3 locations per week is all you need. Takes no time at all. If you can do more, awesome!

4. The ideal locations to post the video link at are Facebook business pages, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn (these have a lot of SEO power); however, if you don’t have accounts at these locations or don’t want to use these, post the video links wherever you can. Telegram shill groups, other social media groups, etc.

5. Note that Mike posts other videos for other purposes at his channel. He will only share the links with you to videos specifically designed to promote Tiki

6. Also note that in order to get in front of other audiences, like Safemoon, BabyDoge, etc… Mike has to create videos that speak to those audiences on the front-end of the video. Don’t be confused by this. The videos lead into him discussing Tiki but it can’t be obvious. This is marketing.

7. Join the Telegram group below and let’s begin!

* The first video will be posted on July 12th and then it will be frequent!

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